Khamis, 8 Mac 2012


Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) akan dimansuhkan mulai tahun depan.

Ia akan digantikan dengan tiga peperiksaan yang akan diadakan: -
>> Akhir tahun Enam Rendah;
>> Pertengahan tahun Enam Atas;
>> Akhir tahun Enam Atas.

Aku sertakan kenyataan dari akhbar berbahasa Inggeris untuk menjelaskan isu tersebut dengan lebih detail.

"The final batch of students to sit for the STPM examination will be the Upper Six students at the end of this year," said Malaysian Examination Council (MEC) chairman Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Noh Dalimin who announced the scrapping of the examination system yesterday.

The new intake of Form Six students beginning with those entering Lower Six in May, will be assessed under the new assessment system,' underwhich there will be no more 'honeymoon year' (non-exam year).

The 2012 Lower Six cohort will sit for their first term examination in November, followed by the second term exam in June next year and the final one in November 2013,” Mohd Noh said.

Eligibility to enter university for tertiary education will be based on their Cummulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) from the three term examinations.

Speaking at the STPM excellence awards ceremony after the results of last year's examinations were announced, Mohd Noh said the MEC had studied the new assessment system and decided to fully implement it from the 2012/2013 batch onwards, in line with the Education Transformation Programme (ETP) to empower the Form Six education programme.

He said the new assessment system is the same as practiced in higher learning institutions which focus on outcome-based education and not be too examination oriented.

“It will better prepare and empower our students for their tertiary level,” he said, adding that although the assessment system is new, the learning periods, the offered subjects and grading system will continue as implemented under the current school system.

"Its advantage is that it will allow students to improve their examination results, by re-sitting their term examinations.

Meanwhile, elaborating on the new system, MEC chief executive officer Maziyan Hamzah said the assessment system is divided into school-based coursework assesment and the three term exams.

“The school-based assessment will be on coursework comprising assignments, practical work and field research which will be graded and make up 20% to 40% of the assessment," she said.

She said the remaining 60% to 80% of the assessment will be assessed from the three term written examinations,” she said, adding that students who do not do well in a term exam will also be given the chance to resit them.

Maziyan said the term examinations will lighten the burden of students to study the curriculum and enable them to focus more in smart learning.

“There is potential for them to perform better in each term as the scope of studies assessed in each term is smaller,” Maziyan said.

With this new system, she said the MEC hopes the percentage of students achieving excellent results will increase. SUMBER; THE STAR

Tak paham bahasa mat salleh? Guna google translate dan harus diingatkan bahawa tidak 100% dialih bahasakan dengan sempurna.

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